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Denise and Marty Stecher live and play near Mesa Verde in SW Colorado where their enthusiasm for outdoor sports such as kayaking and mountain biking has given them opportunity to visit and study many remote rock art sites.


Some of the designs used in their art include:


ZIA:  The New Mexico State flag shows a red Zia sun on a yellow background.  The design is from an ancient Indian medicine wheel.  The lines extending up represent the four seasons, to the right-infancy, youth, adulthood, and old age.  To the left-down, daylight, dusk, and dark.  Finishing the circle to the bottom the lines represent North, South, East and West.


SPIRALS:  Spirals and concentric circles along with geometric shapes have been universally used in rock art panels throughout the American Southwest.  Unless anthropomorphic or zoomorphic figures, spirals may have been used to convey more conceptual ideas such as time and place.


KOKOPELLI:  It is assumed that the flute playing deity known to the modern Pueblo people as Kokopelli played a similar role in ancient times that is playing his flute to seduce maidens or calling rain for more fertile crops. Historically depicted with a humped back and a large penis, in the age of commercialized art he is usually dephallysized.


ANIMALS:  Long ago before humankind learned to use the bow and arrow, the atlatl, or spear-thrower gave hunters the edge they needed to bring down big game.  As the whole community was dependent upon the outcome, required to ensure success. Often a highly worked charm stone, carved in the shape of an animal was lashed to the atlatl in the belief that the animal’s power would aid in the hunt.


HANDS:  Used to decorate dwellings as well as rock art panels the hand print was used as a signature by artist and craftsmen as a way to personalize their work. Hand prints have also been associate with prayer sites.

Denise & Marty Stecher


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