The little shop at the corner of Bent Street  - Fine Hand Crafts for over 25 years

Santa Fe Stoneworks

Wooly Mammoth Pocket Knives

Damascus Steel Knife & Blade with Abalone Inlay

Specialty  One Of A Kind Patterns

Small Turquoise Inlay with Damascus Steel Blade

Copper Vein Inlay

Chevron Pattern with Onyx & Varicite

Iron Wood with Turquoise & Coral Inlay

Lone Star Pocket knife

Steak Knives  Set of 4  $270.00

  Peacock Coral

  Kaleidoscope Chevron Wood Inlay

Vein Turquoise

Lapiz & Onyx


Salad Sets    $150.00

    Ironwood with coral inlay


    Coral & Onyx

Bread Knives  85.00

  Vein Turquoise


Letter Openers

  Peacock Coral    Vein Turquoise  Wooly Mammoth Fossil

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