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Randy Bryant


All of Randy’s pieces are one of a kind wearable 3-D art: precious jewelry. He uses sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold, Mokume Gane, Shibuichi, and Shakudo. He loves unusual stones as well as fine quality precious and semi-precious stones.


Randy was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where he developed an interest in rocks, minerals, fossils, Indian artifacts and being outdoors. As a young man he moved to West Texas, employed in the oil industry as a draftsman. His skills as a draftsman served him well as a foundation for jewelry design. He studied Lapidary, Silversmithing, and Faceting to round out his knowledge.


Most of his work features hand made settings built around stones that he has cut himself. Many include double and triple overlay with mixed metals. He rarely, but sometimes designs in wax to be cast. He is currently exploring sand, cuttlebone and tufa casting.


Randy states his philosophy: “ I do not feel as if I create anything, but rather, am privileged to work with materials that God has created. As an artist, it is my job to unlock the stones’ natural beauty, and allow that to dictate how it is to be set. Then, I decide which metals, textures, and accent stones should be used, and design until perfect balance and harmony are reached.”

Buckles: Sterling silver, fossilized dinosaur bone, Old Kingman Turquoise,  Prickly Pear skeleton framework.


Ring Collection:  Opals, turquoise, tourmaline, rudulated quartz, banded agate, chryophase, Meteorite.



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