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Jeanne Sollman

Jeanne Stevens-Sollman has been working in ceramics since 1968. Since that time her ceramic sculptures have been exhibited in shops

and galleries throughout the United States.


Beginning as a potter she studied with Gerry Williams, who inspired and encouraged her to continue her studio work and become an

independent ceramist, which she did.


From 1976, her whimsical rabbits have traveled far, even into Canada. Although, Stevens-Sollman accepts commissions in portraiture in both human and animal forms in clay and bronze, her most sought after work continues to be her rabbits and horses which have accumulated numerous awards throughout the years. Including the most recent "Best in Sculpture" from the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art. She has exhibited in Rhinebecks' American Crafts Shows as well as five sculpture invitational exhibits in Loveland, Colorado.



Dancing Rabbits

Yoga bunny, modified side plank

Yoga Bunny, frog position

Sitting bunny

Yoga Bunny, frog position

 Candleholder bunny

Yoga bunny, modified side plank

Emergence, a sculpture series by

Jeanne Stevens-Sollman


Emergence began back in the 1990’s when my own Arabian cross slid out of her winter blanket. She stood there with all the questions a proper mare would have like what is going on with this too big blanket you gave me today?  And why do I have this weight on my shoulders because my blanket is so big?  And when will you cover me with something my own size? As she turned to walk out into winter’s blast of cold, she looked back over her shoulder, her too big blanket hanging down to the ground blocking the wind from her legs.  Her rump, round and full, looked like the shoulders of a Japanese jardiniere.


She then gracefully stepped out of her too big blanket, emerging into the cold, the ties and straps making tracks in the snow.  Happy to be free, she cantered across the whiteness looking for spring.


Over the years the blanket has become a changing canvas embracing the images that were part of our life together for over 30 years, a tribute to a beautiful soul.

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