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Ginny Zipperer

People who live close to the earth have always known what scientists are just acknowledging – that non-human life has intelligence and wisdom at a level well beyond what modern culture recognizes.

Earth-connected peoples have universally been keen observers of their environments and all its inhabitants. They see the strengths and uniqueness of each species, honor their intelligence and seek to emulate them. Recognizing the interdependence of all life, they see themselves in relationship to the rest of creation, as brothers and sisters, not separate from and masters over it.

As someone who reveres the earth and its myriad expressions of life,  I work with the energies of beings I feel drawn to – animal, plant, human or spirit – and attempt to make those energies vitally visible.

Some of my images are of beings who have featured in my personal life.  Others are those whom I feel connected to or who have called me to represent them.

I work especially with the spirits of the place in which I have chosen to live.  New Mexico is alive with spirits:  ancient oceans, the newer mountains and desert, all the life that has and does now inhabit these environs; the people of past and current migrations who have left their mark on the rocks and in the land, the land itself and the architecture that mimics it.  All this inspires and informs the images I render in clay, the primal material of creation.

This earth and all its inhabitants are such an amazingly unique and truly awesome presence in the universe. Through my work I attempt to cast a small spotlight on some of this uniqueness, inspiring viewers to pay closer attention to those with whom we share the planet and our impact on their world.


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