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Deb Komitor

As I hike and drive and walk in this world, I see the frailty and permanence in nature. I feel the strength of the mountains, the forgiveness of the trees as they bow down to the wind and the fleeting moments of a butterfly's life. I am fully alive in nature. No judgments placed upon me, just love, acceptance and a sense of true belonging. The trails and roads beckon and seduce me onto a journey never ending. I paint from the spirit of my joyous being. I paint with a sense of wonder. Art for me is dancing with my brush, playing with the paint and falling in love all over again.

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Come Walk With Me through a sampling of this years paintings!

8 1/2" x 11" printed on high quality glossy cover stock get one

for yourself and more to give as gifts for the holidays!


In the Cool of the Canyon

28” x 28”

Call for price

Amongst the Golden Splendor

8” x 10”

Call for price

Winter Holds On

24” x 18”

Call for price

Shining Through

30” x 60”

Call for price

Winter Dancing On The Heels Of Autum

54” x 24”

Call for price

Breaking Winters’ Silence

8” x 10”

Call for price

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